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STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
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Q1: What puzzle type is Strimko?
A1: Strimko is a logic puzzle with numbers based on a well-known idea of Latin squares described in the 18th century by a famous Swiss mathematician and physicist Leonhard Euler (1707-1783).
Q2: Is Strimko the same as Sudoku? What is the difference?
A2: Strimko is not the same as Sudoku, although like Sudoku it is based on Latin Squares. Strimko is a very compact puzzle which makes to its solver quite a novel impression, and has specific features distinguishing it from all you could see and solve so far.
Q3: Does "Strimko" mean something?
A3: "Strimko" means doing something in winding, sinuous, or streamy mode. The puzzle itself uses "streams" as one of its basic elements. And so the name Strimko is derived from "stream."
Q4: Is Strimko a classic puzzle or new? Who is behind it?
A4: Strimko is a brand-new puzzle based on classic math objects, Latin Squares. Strimko is created and developed by The Grabarchuk Family.
Q5: Who creates Strimko - computer or human?
A5: All Strimko puzzles are developed by humans. The Grabarchuk Family carefully creates, tests, and ranges all proposed Strimko challenges without any computer aid. Note that on the web, there are some, computer-generated imitations very similar to the original Strimko. We, The Grabarchuk Family, have nothing to do with such artificial challenges and are in no way related to their developers.
Q6: What are the rules of Strimko?
A6: The object of the puzzle is to fully fill in the given grid with missing numbers observing three simple rules which tell that each row, each column, and each stream must contain different numbers.
Strimko Rules
Q7: Show me how to solve a Strimko challenge?
A7: To learn how to solve Strimko challenges, see solving the easiest 3 x 3 Strimko logic puzzle step-by-step.
Strimko Example
Q8: Where can I play Strimko?
A8: Each month here, at our website,, new original sets of three Strimko challenges in three different difficulty levels--Easy, Medium, and Hard--will be posted. Also, you can find and play specially created collections of Strimko challenges at some other websites of our puzzle partners.
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Q9: What are difficulty levels of Strimko challenges?
A9: Strimko challenges are developed in three different difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, and Hard.
Q10: Can I print Strimko to solve Strimko challenges off-line?
A10: Our weekly challenges are both interactive and printable, so you can either solve Strimko challenges directly in our cute interactive Flash engine, or download a PDF file with the challenges and then print them out.
Q11: I wanna more Strimko! Where can I find and buy them?
A11: We are working on introducing more Strimko challenges for purchasing in printed and electronic versions.
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Last updated: November 15, 2009
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STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
Your Streamy Logic.