Your Streamy Logic.
STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
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This short guide describes some possible tactics that may be used to solve a Strimko™ puzzle. It is not intended as a complete guide to all possible tactics but only most common and useful. In fact, there are many possible tactics and many would rarely be needed to solve actual puzzles.
We suggest that you try solving some puzzles first before reading this guide. Many players enjoy finding new approaches to try for themselves, and reading a guide beforehand may diminish your enjoyment.
If you find yourself getting stuck on a puzzle, then consider consulting this guide for some tactics that you may not have thought of, which may then help you to work through the problem.
Later on we will add even more advanced tactics that deal with pencil marks. Also, if you have your own method which is not listed below - you are welcome to send it to us for possible publication.
Method 1   Method 2   Method 3
Row's Last Number   Column's Last Number   Stream's Last Number
Method 1.   Method 2.   Method 3.
Learn the Method   Learn the Method   Learn the Method
Method 4   Method 5   Method 6
Number in Intersection   Only Place in Row   Only Place in Column
Method 4.   Method 5.   Method 6.
Learn the Method   Learn the Method   Learn the Method
Method 7   Method 8   Method 9
Only Place in Stream   Only Place in Grid   Two Equal Numbers
Method 7.   Method 8.   Method 9.
Learn the Method   Learn the Method   Learn the Method
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Thanks to Quokka Studios for their help in creating Strimko™ Solver's Guide.
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Last updated: November 20, 2009
© 2008-2009 The Grabarchuk Family. The STRIMKO™ puzzle has been developed by The Grabarchuk Family.
The STRIMKO™ puzzles can be used for personal purposes only, and not for any kind of commercial profit.
STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
Your Streamy Logic.