Your Streamy Logic.
STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
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What Others Say
"Strimko is essentially a twisted version of sudoku."
"Strimko is a guaranteed puzzle-person pleaser, so whip that brain into shape and grab it today. Appsafari Rating: 5/5"
"It is addictive puzzle game elements with simple rules. I think that even beginners can play with confidence, please check out."
-- AppBanks
"This App is great for anyone who is good with numbers and likes Sudoku."
-- AppStoreReviewers
"With the possibility of more and more unique puzzles coming on board through in-app purchases, this is truly a great game that will live on your iPhone/iPod Touch for a real long time."
-- Apps do Iphone
"Beats Sudoku at its own game"
-- The App Chap
"There's a lot of gameplay here and I think you're going to enjoy it, like I said, especially if you're a puzzle lover like myself."
-- App Calendar
"If you want a good quick pick-up-and-play puzzle game for your iDevice, Strimko is a great app."
-- TouchMyApps
"If you like sudoku but looking for a new challenge, Strimko is a good bet."
-- The Portable Gamer
"Strimko is part of the new wave in puzzle gaming."
"I found Strimko to be extremely fun and addictive and without a doubt 100% worth the purchase."
"Linked numbers evolved into a splendid logical puzzle."
-- Puzzle Love
"This iPhone app is sure to give those mental muscles a good workout, whenever you've got a bit of downtime!"
-- PuzzlersParadise
"This is a unique number puzzle game that will have you using all your brain cells to figure out the solution."
-- Cool iPhone Apps
Strimko Gold ($1.99)
Strimko Gold for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
v1.5 March 12, 2011
Strimko ($0.99)
Strimko for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
v1.5 March 12, 2011
Strimko Lite (Free)
Strimko Lite for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
v1.5 March 12, 2011
System Requirements
iPhone, iPod touch or iPad (runs pixel-doubled). Requires iOS 3.0 or higher.
The iPhone/iPod touch Strimko app has been developed by Quokka Studios. Need help with the app? Visit Strimko App Support page.
Strimko is a trademark of The Grabarchuk Family. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod touch, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
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Last updated: March 24, 2011
© 2008-2011 The Grabarchuk Family. The STRIMKO™ puzzle has been developed by The Grabarchuk Family.
The STRIMKO™ puzzles can be used for personal purposes only, and not for any kind of commercial profit.
STRIMKO™ - your streamy logic
Your Streamy Logic.